‘Did you know that 50% of customers are curious to find out what others have in their bags? Especially, if the bag looks strong and capable of carrying a lot of things.’

Kraft bags are made of special, extra strong white or recycled paper.

Kraft papers are also available with smooth or ribbed texture. Kraft paper for bags has been specifically designed to be highly durable and significantly stronger than an average bag made of, for example, thinner coated paper. Although it is not laminated, the durability of a kraft bag is close to that of a laminated paper bag.

There is a variety of surface finishing options from spot UV to embossing and gold-plating.

Kraft bags come with the same handle and bottom reinforcing cardboards as laminated bags (from 500 g up to 800–900 g). The bags are available with 5 to 7 mm rope handles or even with satin ribbon handles.

most popular sizes

width x height x bottom




wine bottle

  • offset printing

    Bags are printed using offset technology with up to 5 colours (+ lamination).

    Paper bags with simpler graphics, especially a logo or text, can also be printed in only one or two colours (from the Pantone palette).

  • kraft paper types

    Available smooth and ribbed kraft papers:

    smooth kraft

    elasto kraft 
    (white, ribbed)

    recycled elasto kraft
    (brown, ribbed)

  • hot stamping

    The hot stamped pattern is a very thin metal film on the surface of the bag.

    It is mostly made in gold and silver colours but other solutions are also available, such as metallic-effect colours or glitter-effect films.

    This technique is mostly used when the paper bag must match the customer’s high-profile product and image.


  • embossing

    With embossing we can create raised images in the paper.

    The paper is embossed with a raised die based on the received graphic designs.

    We can achieve interesting, exciting and unique effects with embossing and the creative combination of embossing and foil stamping.


  • rope handle types

    polypropylene rope handle

    cotton rope handle

    polyester rope handle